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For some reasons Chrome won't play Windows media files.Use EI on theTutorials page.


How to play reststrokes

        GIPSY GUITAR sessions          
If you don't know how to read standard notation please listen to the midisamples. 

Start with the first finger on the 7' th fret


Session 1 

Session 2


Rythme futur ex.1


Rythme futur ex.2


La Manouche mp3


La Manouche slow version

Here is a traditional waltz with tabs.( and lots of downstrokes ) 


Traditional Waltz

In the third bar I use upstroke on D for better phrasing.

La Gitanepart fast


slow tempo


Lick from minor blues

If you use alternate picking technique on a Selmerstyle you won't cut through 2 rhythmplayers and a doublebass


Part from Silk and steel fast




Silk and steel lick as played by Djangomania 2009


Here's another one:The ending of a waltz I wrote for the new cd.Latakia waltz