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Henrik Larsen rockguitar


Far beyond the sun ( Y.Malmsteen )

Guitar: Henrik Larsen






Tracking out ( H.Larsen guitars )





The unison part from STILL HURTS ( Marco Sfogli )

( H.Larsen Leadguitars and synths )

Download the sheetmusic for the unison part HERE

         download midifile for the unison part HERE



Jamchase between a Les Paul and a standard strat.


Get you back alternate version ( Shawn Lane )

Henrik Larsen: guitars and programmimg


SOLO on pop rock backing track in B major ( youtube )

Henrik Larsen: guitars 



Sologuitar ( H.Larsen )

Exellent backingtrack by Ethan Jackman


Gino ( H.Larsen )

Guitars and programming H.Larsen


Outro solo from Rosana ( Toto )
Danceband soundclip. Guitar: H.Larsen


Plastic shuffle ( H.Larsen )

Henrik Larsen guitars and programming



BULLET BLUES ( jam central track )

Henrik Larsen Guitar


Surfing with the alien ( Satriani )

Henrik Larsen Solo guitar


Tears of Sahara ( T.MacAlpine )

Henrik Larsen:Guitars and programming



Dolomite ( Scott Henderson )

Henrik Larsen:Guitars and programming


Always with you always with me ( J.Satriani )

Henrik Larsen:Guitar


Sonic rock ( Martin Miller )

H.Larsen sologuitar


Satch boogie solo

Henrik Larsen guitars


The world ( Backingtrack from the net )

H.Larsen guitars




Solo from Jump ( Van Halen ) with a danceband

I hate to copy soloes but this one have to be played this way

H.Larsen guitars




JB SHUFFLE ( Testing POD 2 )

H.Larsen guitars



Axe to grind ( Hellecasters )

Guitars and programming: Henrik Larsen