I recently bought Finale Music with the Garritan sounds.

Check out my compositions HERE




Dark matter project.A brand new jazz quartet is born.

Jonas Goldberg: bass

Frank Goldberg: drums

Christan Bang: keys

Henrik Larsen: guitar

Listen to the music HERE

Gray pianos flying is a tune from the album: Powers of ten by Shawn Lane.

A month ago LMS trio did a recording of the fantasic track.

LMS trio

Henrik Larsen:guitars and keys

Peter Møller:bass

Mikkel Sand:drums

Find it HERE



Examples from Three sheets to the wind ( A.Holdsworth )

Listen to LMS Trio performing the fantasic tune HERE



More Holdsworth guitar HERE

Analyzing chords from the track Home ( Metal fatique )

Listen to LMS trio performing the beautiful ballad: Home




LMS trio playing Allan Holdsworth

Devil take the hindmost and Looking glass,Both tunes

from the legendary album METAL FATIQUE are added


LMS TRIO members:

Henrik Larsen:guitars and keys

Peter Møller:bass

Mikkel Sand:drums


If your pianoplayers girlfriend won't allow him to jamme 6 times a week

in the basement you can always play with Miles Black from Swinging piano.( BiaB )

Listen to Blues 175 on the JAZZPAGE


25 years ago i didn't think for a minute the you couldt perform Allan Holdsworth

tunes like any other Realbook song.Today you can..If you are into odd chord voicings

 wide stretches on the fingerboard and tapped chords with your right hand.

Listen to my trios version of Tokyo dream ( Peter Møller:bass and Mikkel Chrisensen on drums )


       In the 80's I sometimes bought Guitarplayer magazine.If you were lucky

you couldt find a floppy record inside with a featured artist on it.

My latest recording is a cover of Fun ranch boogie ( Albert Lee )

I think the Guitarplayer version on the floppy record was called Fun Ranch frolicks

but it's the same tune.I use my old trusty Boss SE 70 for the repeat delay.

Listen here



 This weekend I recorded a my own version of Inspector Gadget ( J jorgenson-Hellecasters )

I did all the programming myself using Ezdrums-ManyBass-and Ezkeys.

for the acoustic guitarsolo I played my old Busato from the 40's

Listen HERE  



       Jerry Donahue is one of my favorit Teleplayers.He is a insane stringbender and his sound is fantastic.

In the 70's I was at a concert with Fairport Convention where they played the strange tune called Tokyo

written by Donahue.Back then I couldn't figure out how he got that superfast harplike sound.

Later I learned how to use all 5 fingers on my right hand.

Axe to grind ( Donahue-Hellecasters ) is a real show off tune for guitarplayers.

Listen to my take on the ROCKPAGE





15 years ago I wrote a ballad called Lazy bandmates and believe me I know all there is to know

about lazy bandmembers.For this new recording of the song I have included instuments from the Garritan library

and a doublebass from the ForteDXi plugin ( BIAB ) The drums is a mixture of Ezdrummer and Realdrums.

Listen HERE




If you dont have your chops in shape you will fall off the wagon when when the drummer goes 1-2-3-4

in tempo 300.I learned lots of licks listening to all the other guys out there.

Sometimes I practice chordchanges only to a drumtrack and if I am in the mood I can go on for hours.

Go to the bottom of the JAZZPAGE and listen to THE VAMP



I have uploaded a new recording of the good old standard

Have you met miss Jones.I always loved the Coletraneish

changes in the B section. GO HERE to listen





A month ago I did a recording of the beautiful ballad HOME ( Allan Holdsworth )

I created the backing track myself using Superior drummer ( Toontrack )

and Many Bass ( ManyBass.com )

I read in an old magazine that Allan was using an Ibanez Selmerstyle guitar

for the solo but in this version I play electric legatostyle.







Listen to my version of BULLET BLUES on the ROCKPAGE from JAMCENTRAL.COM

A hard driven rockblues in B inspired by the amazing Guthry Govan.


I found a nice backing track on youtube called

POP ROCK BACKINGTRACK IN B MAJOR and did some soloing on it yesterday.

The solos are typical in the 80's style with lots of tapping and melodic shapes

from the hard rock ( AOR )guitar style. LISTEN HERE 


Sweeping statement

Back in 1987 I learned a sweep picking lesson

from the magazine Guitarplayer by Frank Gambale.

I have uploaded a video with the sheetmusic and me on guitar.

See it here



Smooth jazz on my trusted Gibson 175.

Yesterday I recorded the wellknown hit by Fourplay Eastbound 101 ( N.East )

I bought the backingtrack from Bobbys backingtracks

The tracks are high quarlity recordings of jazztunes ( mostly smoothjazz )

Listen to my take HERE



I am into mastering for the moment and it is not a easy task to do.

I was listening to my own version of the welknown tune Dolomite ( Scott Henderson )

and it sounded a little bit dull and narrow in the speakers.I spent the hole saturday

learning the fantastic mastering program Ozone 5 from Izotope and came up with a much more

transparent version of the tune.Listen HERE



New music on the Finale showcase page.

Listen to SYNOPSIS FINALE ( 2015 )HERE




Room 335 ( Larry Carlton ) was a popjazz hit many years ago.

Last week I recorded my version of the famous song.Listen HERE




Shawn Lane was a extremely talented guitarplayer and pianist who sadly died

in 2003.I was really inspired by his tasty playing in the 90's

Listen to my version of Get you back ( alternate version ) from 1993 HERE



I have just finished my first symphony with a little help from

Finale Music and the fantasic Garritan sounds.( Personal orchestra )

See the video with the music + paintings ( Hanne Thrane )Here


If you are into guitarshred go to THE ROCKPAGE and listen to Le Phryg.

It's a pleasure to do some shred on the high quality backingtrack

from Ethan Jackman ( find him on youtube )


Listen to my take on the great guitarhit surfing with the alien ( J. Satriani )

from 1987. I think it,s the original backing track. Find my version HERE


I found a good backingtrack on the Jamcentral page made by Martin Miller.

Listen on my take on the track ( Sonic rock )on the ROCKPAGE


Back in the 80's I was listening alot to Jeff Berlin and his music.

On the album Champion there was a tune called Marabi where Scott Henderson 

and Berlin played a + 2 minuttes long unison solopiece based on a

saxsolo by Cannonball Adderley from 1969.You can find the original solo

on the live album Country preacher ( J.Adderley )

I think that it was Neil Peart ( Rush ) who played the drums on

the track but it sounds like 2 drummers playing+ congas.

Scott Hendersons unison guitarpart was a real Challenge to learn

back then but it was fun to work it out.

My version of Marabi includes Manybass for the basstrack.

Listen HERE


I've been testing the affordable DAW program Mixcraft 7 pro from

Acoustica.com.It has lots of high quality audio effects and virtual

instruments..very easy to operate.Listen to my rerecording of a part

from the beautiful tune The unmerry go round ( A Holdsworth )



Dolomite is a classic tune written by Scott Henderson in the 90's

with a nice rhythm'n'blues feel to it from the cd TORE DOWN HOUSE.

I made the track from scratch using Superior drummer-ManyBass and Finale Music ( Jabb.)

for the horns.The Finale bigband sounds are great for this track I think.

Check it out HERE

You can download the backingtrack on youtube for free.


Back in 1984 I bought the fantastic album ROAD GAMES ( Allan Holdsworth )

and it totally blew me away.It was the first time I heard chords played 

this way on the guitar and i spend a lot of time figuring out how those

chords was executed.The first tune I learned was the sophisticated and beautiful

Tokyo dream.( It's now a Realbook standard )I have played this tune from 

time to time with some friends but decided to do my own recording with

some bass and drum programming.

Listen to my version HERE


Last week I found a good backingtrack for a tune called Lunar beats.

It reminds me of the way that Allan Holdsworth wrote songs

10 years ago.I really like this style so I gave it at shot.

Lunar beats ( written by Jakub Zytecki)Can be found on



A couple of month ago I uploaded my homemade backingtrack

for the fusiontune Proto cosmos ( A.Pasqua )on youtube.

The piano comping during the solopart can be a little

confusing to play along with so I made a track without

the piano playing in the solopart.