Henrik Larsen jazzguitar

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Henrik Larsen jazzguitar

Hollowbody jazzguitars are much easier to play ( compared to gipsyguitars ) but you still have to be creative and control your sound.

You can always get a good sound no matter what kind of amp you use.The sound is in your hands and fingers




What is this thing called love ( C.Porter )

Guitars and programming ( H.Larsen )


Four brothers (J. Giuffre )


Stardust ( H. Carmichael )






Have you met miss Jones

Henrik Larsen guitar




Joyspring ( C.Brown )





Nuages ( D.Reinhardt )

Henrik Larsen:Guitar and programming




Relaxin' at Camarillo

Me and my good friend Peter Møller ( bass ) trying to get inside John Scofields head jammin with Realdrums



Relaxin' at Camarillo No.2

Straight bebob using a Polytone and a Gibson 175






With inspiration from the NONE TO SOON album ( A.Holdsworth )

With help from Peter Møller: Bass and a unknown piano and drums track


Titletrack from the first DJANGOMANIA CD (out of print )

Henrik mathiassen: BASS.Henrik Larsen: GUITARS


Sweet Donna

Combination of Donna Lee ( Parker ) and Sweet Georgia Brown ( Ben Bernie/Maceo Pinkard )


Cavalerie ( D.Reinhardt )

Henrik Larsen Guitars and programming.

Remembering mr.Joe Pass

Django ( J.Lewis )

Guitar and programming H.Larsen

again a little Joe Pass inspiration here.


Limehouse blues ( Furber/Graham )

H.Larsen guitars and programming

Round midnight ( Monk )

H.Larsen guitars and programming


The vamp

H.Larsen guitar and drum programming



Lazy bandmates ( H.Larsen )

Guitar and programming: H.Larsen